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Product Development

Our experienced team guides the inventor from the initial idea through the planning process, on to development and finally production – from napkin scribbles to packaged product.

  • In House Design and Prototyping
  • Extensive OEM Manufacturing Experience
  • Extensive Global Import/Export Experience
  • We don't take an equity position in your idea. You remain in control.
  • Inventor / Novice Friendly. Service and communication oriented.

Promotional Products

LAVA Imports Inc. is your one stop shop for promotional and incentive items. Whether you are a family enterprise or a multinational corporation, we can source your items to make your project memorable.

  • Global Promotional and Incentive Product Sourcing.
  • Custom product specialists - make the product your own
  • Exclusive supplier of custom logo Mighty Dwarf ® speakers for your corporate gifting and promotional needs.
  • Sourcing of Promotional / Incentive Products for small organizations to multinational corporations.

Retail Products

Our experienced team of enlightened professionals will use the most current strategies to bring branded physical products to market. We can capitalize on established consumer trends to rapidly launch retail ready consumer products under a cohesive branding strategy.

  • Manufacturer and distributor of Azure Locks, Mighty Dwarf® speakers and Rebel City Games brands of products and accessories.
  • Global marketing and distribution of the aforementioned brands.
  • Product development and acquisition leader.

Tap Into Our Talent.

Bringing your ideas off the napkin and into the hands of paying clients requires many skills and a distinct action plan. Our team is at your disposal throughout the entire process. We will guide you along the way rather than dictate a solution in a collaborative environment that leaves you in charge.

We Have History

Established in 2003, LAVA Imports Inc. has acquired considerable experience in the field of product development. Over this decade of sustained enterprise, we have come to understand promotional and retail product manufacturing progression and marketing.

Hot Products Brought to Market

LAVA Imports Inc. is the global source of the famous Mighty Dwarf® line of acoustic speakers. We have nurtured relationships with our partners worldwide to bring out the most innovative products that utilize cutting edge design and technology. Contact us to begin our journey together.