Product Development

Bringing an idea to market is a daunting task. The road from initial concept to product fulfillment is fraught with challenges. LAVA Imports Inc. provides entrepreneurs with real world guidance to bring your projects to life in a timely manner and at a reasonable price.

  • LAVA Imports Inc. does not take an ownership position in the project - clients pay for that are services actually used.
  • We act as Project Lead to develop one or more plans for taking the product to market. We update key members of the client’s team identifying features of the plan that provide further opportunities in areas of cost reduction and time savings throughout the entire development process.
  • Unlike other engineering and development firms, we have real world product development experience from the viewpoint of a small business. We understand your situation and restraints.
  • Our team utilize state of the art digital software and prototyping techniques to bring your project to life. We are inclusive in the process and have respect for your knowledge needs in terms of communicating in all aspects of the product development. We do not talk down to you, rather we take pride in making you fully aware of the critical factors requiring solutions in order to bring your project off the napkin and into the hands of your paying customers!