3D Modelling

LAVA Imports Inc. understands that your idea can be clear in your own mind but at times very hard to explain to others. We get this because unlike our competition, we were there in your shoes!

In order to produce the product using modern manufacturing processes we need to take your idea off the napkin and put it in a form that a manufacturer will understand. This will involve the use of CAD software. Computer Assisted Design makes the creation of proper designs and plans that are easy to understand and use.

Our team will use the latest CAD software to produce two and three dimensional drawings of all the physical pieces of the project where necessary. The plans and drawings created will be used to modify the project design to improve on the concept.

From the CAD drawings the production of  physical models of all the elements can be produced, evaluated and tinkered with well ahead of the manufacturing of the part or product in quantity. Your idea will begin to take shape and the excitement around the project will build.

Give us a call to discuss your project! Let us get moving on fulfilling your vision.