Getting the product manufactured and delivered to North America will require a particular set of skills that may not be available to your entrepreneurial team. Navigating the turbulent waters of overseas procurement and distribution is stressful to say the least and expensive if done incorrectly.

LAVA Imports Inc. is an international import and export company. Our corporate DNA makes our team uniquely suited to ensuring that the manufacturing process is efficient and produces products that not only arrive to your locations on time but in a resell-able, retail or web ready condition.

Our team has experience in performing the following processes. We can:

  • Optimize raw material sourcing for manufacturing the product to meet the strict standards of your team but also the regulations for import and resale in North America.
  • Guide your team through the regulatory channels necessary to import and resell your product in North America.
  • Vet suppliers and manufacturers for material quality, production standards, and financial value.
  • Arrange for and implement independent audits of finished goods prior to shipping if required.
  • Optimize packaging design for efficiencies in shipping and warehousing to minimize product damage.
  • Design packages for smooth insertion into the North American logistics streams.
  • Design and develop end user instructions and guidance compliant with regional laws and demographics.
  • Design and develop retail packaging where required that is focused on maximizing retail appeal and effectiveness.
  • Arrange for warehousing and distribution of finished goods if required.
  • Develop and execute a web sales and distribution strategy using state of the art web based shopping carts if required.

We go well beyond simply designing a product. Our crew provides expertise to enable you to have the greatest potential for a successful launch of your product. Give us a call and let us discuss your project.