Board Games

From our earliest days, LAVA Imports Inc. has been involved in bringing high-quality tabletop board games to market for our clients. The development of a good game involves the same steps as producing any product. Most gaming visionaries lack the complete skill set necessary to execute all the tasks necessary to bring their dream to fruition. The game remains in their head and the dream is unrealized.

"The most successful games actually came from independent inventors, like me, rather than research & development departments at big toy companies. Monopoly was created by an engineer, Pictionary by a waiter and Scrabble by an architect." Tim Walsh - President of Patch Products - Inventor of Tribond and Blurt!

We love to involve ourselves with creative people. We can assist you in realizing your dream of creating and bringing to market your board game. Together, we take your ideas and vision and make them a reality.

The first step is to set up a meeting to discuss your idea. We are prepared to execute a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement with you in advance of the discussions.

To prepare for the meeting, we would need to know the following:

  • Who will be attending the meeting and what are their respective positions within your team?
  • What is the general concept of the game? What do you envision to be the scope to be? (Parts/Pieces/Board)
  • Who will you be marketing the game to? How do you envision selling and distributing the board game?
  • Have you acquired any marketing insights from your target market?
  • What is your general financial position for the execution of the project?
  • Are you incorporated?