From the CAD designs will come the prototype of your product.

  • A prototype is an operating version of a the project. It is often made with different materials (cheaper and easier to work with) than the final version.
  • Prototypes allow you to test how your product will work and even show the product to users for feedback.
  • Creating prototypes may involve using readily available materials, construction kits, storyboards, or other techniques, that help you to create your project solution quickly and with little cost. Keep in mind that these are mockups of your final solution, not the real thing!
  • LAVA Imports Inc. uses state of the art in-house equipment such as laser cutters, 3D printers, and CNC machines to produce samples of the components of your project from CAD drawings.
  • Where other design firms would require third party production during this stage of the product development, our people are capable of prototyping in-house, thus saving you time and money in your product development budgets.